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Julian Winser
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Martyn Manning, Peter Robinson and Cheryl Maxim, East Staffordshire Borough Council

Také úředníci, strážníci a ostatní zaměstnanci státní správy mohou využívat naše elektrokola, úspora provozních nákladů se projeví okamžitě, flexibilita rychlost pohybu v přeplněných městech je také důležitý faktor.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great value from an established company
By Jerry
Firstly - the frame is made of aluminium and aluminium welds are always large compared to steel. I regularly ride a 16 mile return trip and the battery shows half charge at the end. Of course the range is dependant on the terrain, the pedal input and the weight of the rider (I'm just over 80kgs which is falling with regular cycling).

I like the bike because it comes with a Lithium battery (modern technology) and great accessories like a bell which is invaluable on cycle paths and a strong rack which supports my large plastic box used on shopping runs. It also has proper mudguards which actually work and a stand. Coming from and established company it's easy to get spare parts. The last thing you want is £600 worth of e-bike that you can't use because some minor component has failed and you can't get a new one.

The red switch isn't meant to switch off pedal assist. It actually switches on the ability to use electric drive only. In electric only performance is very gentle but the bike is clearly marketed as electrically assisted and that's what it is. To ride it's like having someone gently pushing you along. Especially nice on hills and in a crosswind.

All round the bike has exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with it.

UPDATE: I've now had my bike for a little over 4 years. I still use it regularly and I charge the battery frequently (even during periods of standing over the winter). I am still on my original battery which seems to have good capacity. The bike is now showing signs of wear and ageing as you would expect. Light rust on some chrome components, perished gaiters on the suspension but overall it's still very good. I regularly put far too much weight on the rack (ie my wife side saddle) and use it for longish shopping trips. I invariably use my e-bike instead of the car on journeys of a few miles. I have fitted a tow along bike which my grandson rides on with considerable pleasure.

This is an assisted bike and not a moped but the power takes the grind out of hills and makes head winds disappear. I'm a keen cyclist with a road bike and mountain bike as well but I use the e-bike for shopping, going to the allotment and many chores

Jste li firma, kontakujte nás, elektrokolo Vám můžeme zapůjčit a potom uvidíte, že elektrokolo je plnohodnotný dopravní prostředek pro Vaše zaměstnance. Při obchodních jízdách na kratší dojezdové vzdálenosti je elektrokolo ideální volbou, úspora času a nákladů se hlavně ve městech  projeví okamžitě!

Zaměstnanci, manageři - prostě všichni kdo nechtějí ztrácet čas v ranních zácpách, bez nutnosti hledat parkování, s elektrokolem dojedete do práce čerství a bez zapocení

Cykloturiské - kteří se zaměřují na pokrytí větších vzdáleností a chtějí prozkoumat krajinu s lehkostí, s elektrokolem se dostanete dále





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